Coming Back to the beginning

I want to go to mass. This is what I said on my first weekend release from the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in September 2016. We arrived late (as usual), so gladly accepted the front pew that other parishioners vacated for us when they saw me with a wheelie-walker.  As theContinue reading “Coming Back to the beginning”

There’s nothing brave about blame and shame

In a display of incredibly bad timing, the exercise bike I have used nearly every morning for the past two years packed it in last Wednesday.  Given how important my morning cycle is to maintaining my health and fitness, and the restrictions that my vision impairment puts on my options for a high-intensity workout, IContinue reading “There’s nothing brave about blame and shame”

Coming Through The Discomfort

I am a touchy person.  I don’t mean that I am easily offended, just that I communicate through touch and gain strength from being in close proximity to other people.  I feel set adrift when I am physically separated from the rest of humanity.   Regular readers will recognise a theme running through my writing onContinue reading “Coming Through The Discomfort”